Tammy C......

When I Decided to Tri…

I was one of those individuals that did not run a step or do any form of exercise in adolescence or adulthood. I had previously joined gyms and purchased exercise videos…The gym never lasted and the videos rarely made it out of the shrink-wrap.

At 36, a mother of two young girls, a medical scare in addition to realizing I have family history of heart disease and diabetes motivated me to take control of my health. I joined a health club advertising a summer special for $99 and hired a personal trainer to make the most of my limited membership. Hiring a trainer was the best thing I ever did, as she became a very dear friend and mentor. Because of her encouragement, I began to run, and would run from street sign to street sign. I ended up begging my husband to join me and recruited the dog.

Fast forward a couple of years… a small local triathlon is forming and just happens to be on the weekend of mine and my running partner’s birthday… she convinces me we should participate. Feeling a bit uneasy, as I would have to swim 1000 yards, bike 12 or so miles and run a 5k. I figured I could get through the bike (I would borrow one since I did not have my own) and I could walk a 5k! The swim however, scared the crap out of me. Therefore, to the pool we go and she is more serious about swim training and I am more like the person at the end of the pool wondering when the umbrella drink was going to appear!

Anyway, with several swims and timing myself, I knew I could swim the 1000 yards within the allotted 30 minutes. In addition as an early birthday present, I received a road bike. We went on a few road rides and I figured I had to be able to ride about 45 minutes and with already running regularly I was not too concerned besides I knew I could walk 3.1 miles. During the training people would ask if I would be racing and I always answered “No, but I will be participating.”