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The year 2024 celebrates the 10th anniversary of the Montana Women's Triathlon!  TEN YEARS! So many new friendships and accomplishments we have witnessed. We continue to  offer scholarships to encourage all women to participate. Many thanks to Tom Hayes for his generous donation in memory of his wife Molly so we can continue to encourage women of all abilities, shapes, sizes and color to participate - just as Molly and Tom did year after year.  There are no excuses to not TRI this race.  We'll help you get to the start and finish line. Whether you participate, volunteer, or donate we are thankful to have you at the 2024 Montana Women’s Triathlon.



Molly Hayes was a force to be reckoned with in the Triathlon World.  She competed while her husband Tom volunteered locally, nationally, and internationally.  They were an amazing team at races throughout the world. Molly inspired people wherever she went with her endless enthusiasm for triathlon.  Molly was 53 when she competed in her first triathlon then competed in 351 races in the next 36 years.  Throughout this journey she inspired anyone who crossed her path.  She was positive to the core and shared her stories, lessons, Hammer products, and race entries to MTWTri. She believed that anyone could compete in a triathlon and did everything in her power to help it happen.  Molly was a force who despite her stubbornness to get to the race in 2021 no matter what, individually, then on a team, then as a volunteer, passed away three weeks before the event. We will miss her cheery smile, funny stories, and unwavering optimism immensely in the years to come. 


Many thanks to Linda Gryczan, a Helena cyclist, for riding her bike 2752 miles in 2022 and raising money to support women’s sports. Linda is planning a big ride through Washington in 2024 with hopes of raising more money to encourage women in sports.   New in 2024 is a grant  to any community offering a Triathlon Clinic to support this effort of inclusion.  Please contact us for more information on grant funds.




MTWTri believes that swimming is a lifelong sport that anyone can participate in regardless of physical or financial ability. Our mission with the triathlon is to encourage more people to learn to swim. It's a safety issue. MTWTri offers lessons for adults and we promote swim team for kids. Whether it's the Dolphins or the Lion's Swim Team we'll help you get you there.


Scholarships applications may be submitted  electronically April 1 - June 15.  Award winners will be notified on a rolling basis as completed applications are received. Funds can be paid directly to vendors or will be presented at the MTWTri Awards Ceremony. Each award may vary based on need. Generally awards are $100.






•Tribal affiliation if applicable

•Name of scholarship you are applying for

•How will you use the sholarship funds? (race entry, transportation, gear,fees to practice, other and please explain

•Triathlon or other sport experience and tell us what your hope is for this race

•Goals for the event

•How you plan to share your experience

As part of expanding participation in triathlon, we would love to have you share your experience and what inspires you to work out and race. Please share a a video or still photo or voice recording that we could use on the website. 

Email application to


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