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Just Do it? It’s a short one. You can walk the run, you can bike using a tricycle, and you can doggy paddle the swim.

It doesn’t matter, just join in and enjoy the fun, as slow as you like, or as quick as you like.

Main goal is enjoy the company of women in Montana, appreciating the great outdoors, at a pleasant conversational pace, or a hectic breathless dash, or something in between.

My first tri? Well, why not I thought, everybody’s tri-ing it, so why not me. I swam for the first time in ten years the week before the tri. There we go that’s enough practice I thought. I breaststroked and backstroked the whole swim, and bathed in the excitement.

The ride was exhilarating, and hey look, I’m not last. There’s time to chat to other riders as we go around the course.

My gentle jog was slow but faster than a walk, and there was no pain - my attention was focused on smiling back at the cheering volunteers and crowd dotted along the trail.

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