Stay tuned for 2021 training events.  In the meantime, please stay safe while you train.  Wear you mask and maintain social distancing.  Do it for your family, your healthcare team, and your community.  COVID cares little about politics. 


THE TRAINING PLAN                                                                            


Fit your training plan into your life.  Don't make it your life.  Triathlon is a fine balance of family, work, and training (aka play time).  There are suggested workout days and durations in various program posted but don't forget the day of rest at the beginning of the week.  Use the rest day to plan your week of life.  Get the workouts done and you'll be more confident on race day.  But, things don't always go as planned. Relax.  Try to plan early in the week how to train around kids' after school programs, summer weddings, and work commitments.  Write the plan for the week and try your best to stick to it.  Consistency over the long haul is more important than stressing yourself out on a missed workout.



This is the time of year to work on strength and learn technique.  Core exercises are probably the most important area to focus on.  There are all kinds of ways to do strength training.  Lots of people believe that they can incorporate specific strength training into the work they do while swimming or running or biking.  Some people use Crossfit or classes at the gym to make them stronger.  Quick routine at home works as well.  How long can you hold that plank during the football game or the opening credits to Outlander?  TSN = Try Something New




We don't spend a lot of time on them but we do do them.  It's important to know where your body is in the water.  Tools help.  Snorkel, fins, pull buoy, and kickboard help develop good habits.  Toys are not to help you go faster. They can make practice bad habits if you are trying to keep up with the person in the lane beside you. Know the reason you are using your tools.  Every practice you do should have a purpose.  Remember that purpose and practice it.


• swim suit

• goggles

• bike

• helmet

• walking/running shoes 



• swim toys - snorkel, fins,

pull buoy*, kick board*

• music and headphones for biking indoors and  running 

• sports watch for heart rate and general time of day

 *can be found at most heath clubs



• tri bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes

• indoor trainers for

home use

• swimming pool in the greenhouse attached

to our home

• power meters so we know what they're talking about on Slowtwitch.com