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A Fine Balance Multisport Coach Ann Gilbert is a Certified Ironman Coach and Level 1 USA Triathlon coach. Menopause for Athletes course has ignited the fire to learn  what generations missed and to use this information to promote athletics to women through all phases of life. 

Ann's coaching philosophy matches her triathlon career.  She believes that triathlon should fit into life and not consume it. AFB triathlon training is a combination of fitness, mental fortitude, nutrition, and recovery. She believes that triathlon training, regardless of distance, is a fine balance between family, work, and play and she loves helping athletes achieve this balance.  

Personal coaching is available to any level of athlete wanting to improve fitness and quality of life. Workouts delivered through Today's Plan weekly. Swim consults start in November.  A Fine Balance Multisport Coaching and Racing is a small company with a big mission to  promote triathlon in Montana and the Pacific Northwest.

Please contact for more info on 1:1 and group coaching.





AFB offers year round group training events. Stay tuned for a the spring/summer outdoor training sessions. 

 • Plans for 2023 include the return of the Virtual Seasonal Sprint Series with 3 races - Fall, Winter, and Spring to keep your fitness on track.  More info: 

•  February 25-26  How to train for a tri with talks on swim technique and training, bike fitting, nutrition, self defense, strength and mobility, and training specific to women.  Plans include an inspirational movie Saturday night and skills clinic in pool and on bike Sunday morning. 

•. Spring training rides will commence when the snow melts and the roads are clear.   



• swim suit

• goggles

• bike

• helmet

• walking/running shoes 



• swim toys - snorkel, fins,

pull buoy*, kick board*

• music and headphones for biking indoors and  running 

• sports watch for heart rate and general time of day

 *can be found at most health clubs



• tri bikes, road bikes, mountain bikes

• indoor trainers for

home use

• swimming pool in the greenhouse attached

to our home

• power meters so we know what they're talking about on

                  THE TRAINING PLAN                                                                            

Fit your training plan into your life.  Don't make it your life.  Triathlon is a fine balance of family, work, and training (aka play time).  AFB  uses the Today's Plan to deliver workouts to your box. TP allows you to move those workouts to fit your schedule.  There are a few basics on how to space workouts but we'll help you figure out the best plan.  Life doesn't always go as planned. Relax. It happens. Try to plan early in the week how to train around kids' after school programs, summer weddings, and work commitments.  We'll write the plan for the week and you try your best to stick to it. Accountability to a coach or peers is a key ticket to success. Developing a routine for training is essential.  Consistency over the long haul is more important than stressing yourself out on a missed workout.



AFB uses periodization to plan the training year.Periodization refers to progressive blocks of training throughout the year generally geared to one big event with smaller events along the way.  Fall is the time of year to work on strength and learn technique.  Core exercises are the most important area to focus on for life and training.  There are many ways to practice strength training but essential to all is a good foundation in mobility and flexibilty.  Learn and use proper technique when lifting heavy.   Maybe it's just a quick routine at home that works.  Just get it done. How long can you hold that plank during the football game or the opening credits to the latest hot Netflix series? 

TSN = Try Something New




Drills are essential to technique. Technique is the key to smooth efficient swimming. Body position in the water is the most important skill to master. Tools help.  Snorkel, fins, and pull buoy help develop good habits.  If you're using toys to keep up with  the the swimmer beside you will only  perfect bad habits.  Focus on technique with the toys.  Slow down and feel the water.  Know the reason you are using your tools.  Every practice should have a purpose.  Remember that purpose and practice it. 

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