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The swim start 2015

The first heat headed out of the gate running to their lanes. Swimmers were two in a lane and owned it until they were done. First two heats were elite heats filled with experienced racers. Note triathlete icon Molly Hays in the black suit and blue cap above on the left. Molly turns the 80-84 age group upside down where ever she races. The goal of the swim portion is to make everyone feel comfortable. There is no deep water, swimmers can stop on the sides of the pool, and you have your lane until you are done. On the other side of the swimmers above are the women waiting for their turns. After these first two heats everyone lined up according to age and number. You were competing/racing/hanging out with women your age, your buddies in most cases. Everyone was easy going about sharing spots in the lane, bumping up to allow friends to race together. Low stress is the name of this swimming event. When you are done you jump out, get on your merry way, and let the next person the lane. We do about everything we can think of to keep you comfortable except serve umbrella drinks at the ends.

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