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Transition area. Where it all starts and ends.

A transition area is the place you call home on race day. This is where you keep your gear. We've listed all the items you will need on our web page. Get your checklist going. You'll sign up for a bike rack when you register if you don't have a kickstand or your rack from last year. Helena Industries makes these for us. They help us and we help them. That's how we like to roll in the community with this event. Anyhow, get your 5 gallon bucket and put your gear in it the night before. You can also use your gym bag but you'll be bummed when the gal beside you is sitting on her bucket putting on her socks and you're sitting in the wet grass. Transition area is a great place or getting nervous or for calming down. Depends on you want to handle that. The competitors will be getting nervous and the other thrill seekers will be chatting it up with the gal next door and seeing what the chosen outfit for the day is, if she has any extra sunscreen, or maybe you don't know where to pin your number. Lots of people there to share nerves and laughter with. Once you've done your swim you'll run to your bike in the transition area, get your gear on and get moving toward the bike course. After your bike ride you land here again and get ready for the run.

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