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Volunteer meeting Saturday after packet pick-up 4p-5p.  This is when you will get your assignment, review course, ask questions, and get your volunteer t-shirt.  Don't miss it!

There are still volunteer opportunities for the race on Sunday July 17. Our volunteers help us keep a safe and happy course. We can find a perfect spot for your entire family to show their signs of support and help direct traffic at the same time.  Racers can help before or after they are done.  Please consider helping out if you are a racer, spectating, or maybe just curious to see how the heck this works and what kind of crazy people do this.


We need:


Lap counters  -  Special qualifications: ability to count to 10.  500meters in a 50m pool.  Short and sweet. Great spectating spot.

Bike course guards - mostly to direct bikers on a left or right turn

Run course - always nice to see more smiling faces out there pointing directions


All turns will be marked with tape, chalk, paint and or signs.  Bottom line is KNOW YOUR COURSE.  If you have questions ask.  But volunteers sure make it easier.   



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