Swim distance is 500 meters in the 50 meter Memorial Park Pool. Five laps or 10 lengths. Depth is 3 feet to 5 feet.  All starts will be from the wall, no diving allowed.  Lane lines will be present and there will be 2 swimmers to a lane. Two elite wave starts then all other swimmers will start their event as a lane becomes available. Low pressure, safe, and FUN! 


•West exit from transition area to pool parking lot.

•RIGHT turn on sidewalk along parking lot to ballpark road and turn RIGHT around corner of pool

•LEFT on Centennial Trail through tunnel under Last Chance Gulch

•Centennial Park Trail to bike path on Henderson

•Bike path to Brady, right on Brady around back of Capital High back to Custer and turn R on bike path again to McHugh 

•Left on McHugh to Sierra Road turnaround and back to Custer  DO NOT RIDE ON CUSTER -YOU WILL BE DISQUALIFIED-STAY ON BIKE PATH

•LEFT back on to Custer bike path to Villard

•RIGHT on Villard to Cedar Street

•RIGHT on Cedar and use bike lane along Last Chance Gulch dropping back in to Centennial Park when bike lane ends

•LEFT turn on up cement path to crosswalk, cross Last Chance Gulch at crosswalk , and finish to transition area

A couple things to note on the run course:

- After exiting transition "RUN OUT" you cross the timing mat through the finish line.  You'll cross it again when you are finished!

- Make sure you don't cut across the grass on the right turn onto the sidewalk by the pool
- Cross Last Chance Gulch using the cross-walk, but switch over to the YMCA road-way upon entering the Centennial Park parking lot to leave space for the in-bound bikers on the path - same on the way back. 
- Stay left around the fountain by Exploration Works 
- When you return to the Memorial Pool parking lot - you turn right and still have another half mile to go!