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After a two year hiatus, 2022 is the year of the MTWTri comeback. No wind, no rain, no smoke nor COVID* can stop us now.  We are celebrating by offering scholarships to encourage even more women to participate and we are excited to offer scholarships specific to Women of Color. Whether you participate, volunteer, or donate we are thankful to have you at the 2022 Montana Women’s Triathlon.



Many thanks to Linda Gryczan for riding her bike 2752 miles and raising money to support women’s sports.  MTWTri will use these funds to support Black and Indigenous People of Color (BIPOC) at our event. We have partnered with the Tribal Health Prevention program, Kidney Keepers Wellness program, and the Helena Indian Alliance to spread the word about our efforts to promote health through sport.  More information on Tribal programs for diabetes and tobacco prevention can be found here:  

Ten $100 scholarships will be awarded to cover race entry and travel to Helena.




Molly Hayes was a force to be reckoned with in the Triathlon World.  She competed while her husband Tom volunteered locally, nationally, and internationally.  They were an amazing team at races throughout the world. Molly inspired people wherever she went with her endless enthusiasm for triathlon.  Molly was 53 when she competed in her first triathlon then competed in 351 races in the next 36 years.  Throughout this journey she inspired anyone who crossed her path.  She was positive to the core and shared her stories, lessons, Hammer products, and race entries to MTWTri. She believed that anyone could compete in a triathlon and did everything in her power to help it happen.  Molly was a force who despite her stubbornness to get to the race last year no matter what, individually, then on a team, then as a volunteer, passed away three weeks before the event. We will miss her cheery smile, funny stories, and unwavering optimism immensely in the years to come. 

Two $100 SPIRIT scholarships will be awarded to cover race entry and travel to Helena.  


BIPOC and SPIRIT Scholarships must be submitted  with the information below by June 1 and will be announced June 15. Awards will be given at the post race celebration.




Tribal affiliation if applicable

Triathlon or other sport experience

Reasons for applying

Goals for the event

How you plan to share your experience

Email application to

*please visit our COVID page for more information on current guidelines


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